Jeremy runs into some killer chickens, Erik makes new friends at the toy store and the boys break down "EXCALIBUR" 

Ashley finds a kid, Jeremy makes more "Baby Eater", and Erik has an idea for Forest Gump 2. All this and the movie Starship Troopers. 

Jeremy checks in from Jersey, Ashley licks boots, and Erik sees an old fashion. All this and the movie LAKE PLACID. 

Jeremy moves forward with "Baby Eater", Erik is really starting to make it, and Ashley has a bad trip. All this and the gang breaks down the 1972 cult classic "The Legend of Boggy Creek". 


The gang is back and Cruising . 

Erik runs into a crazy person, Jeremy meets a Clerk, and Ashley meets a fella with tourettes. 

Erik makes a new friend, Jeremy holds down a job, and Ashley has some shows. The gang then breaks down the Coolio Classic "Dracula 3000" . 

Erik offends Russia, Jeremy has a splinter, and Ashley has a great show, all this and the 1989 classico WARLOCK. 

The gang drops back into the Paxton-verse with this under apricated classic, Frailty.  

Ashley is an Aristocrat, Jeremy meets Anthony Michael Hall, and Erik embarrasses himself. Then the gang breaks down Single White Female. 

We're back, and its Saint Patty's day !!! so celebrate the best way with Leprechaun 3. 

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