We back .More ID4 HBD USA!!!!

The gang is back again talking about the tough issues and breaking down the classic that is ... ID4. 

Jeremy returns from the brink of madness to join Ashley and Erik. Jeremy has some new songs, Erik has some new songs, Ashley still has the fun quips. Enjoy as the gang breaks down 1990's... BRAIN DEAD. 

No Jeremy. Big Announcement. Welcome Ashley. Enjoy the FEAST 

No Jeremy this week, so we welcome guest host Ashley Pontius to fill in, and are joined by Rugby Writer and Gambler Evan Lappen. 

Erik messed up. This is what happened. Covid is everywhere.

Chris Lawrence back again, we finish this son bitch off. 

Chris Lawrence joins the boys again to breakdown this 90's classic The Crow. 

Yeah we probably should have called it "Quality OVERTIME" but its too late, stupid decisions were made and we live with em. This episode Jeremy is confronted with sliding up in someone's DM's, and we talk about our severely schizophrenic uncle Jeff, and Jeremy almost loses it. Also stick around to the last few minutes for a special song Erik's been working on. All this and more. 

Jeremy's away and Tommy steps in last minute to host, with guest Josie Marcellino. We learn a lot about Josie's trip to New Zealand and then break down the Movie "Teeth" . ***OH and there's an extra special song at the end. ENJOY. 

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