Jeremy is having work woes, Covid-19 wreaks more havoc, the boys welcome back guest Blake Silvia and the boys finish of Class of Nuke Em High. 

The gang welcomes back guest Blake Silvea, the Covid-19 effects church, and the boys start to break down Class of Nuke em High. 

Mike Quindlen is back. We have Joe Robinson Corrections, and the boys finish off a big ol heaping helping of The Exorcist. 

Sad News . RIP Max Von Sydow!!! The gang welcomes Mike Quindlen to the show. Erik buys some records, and the gang starts to break down The Exorcist. 

March 7, 2020

Quality Time Trailer

I had to make a trailer for the show. It's about a minute long. 
It says stuff that you could easily read.

Jeremy Still Job hunting, and the boys break down the rest of Highlander. 

From the Highlands of Scotland comes... this French guy. Jeremy shares some new music and the boys break down Highlander pt 1. 

Jeremy takes his stab a Bloody Valentine song, and the boys break down the rest of MY Bloody Valentine. 

Erik puts his last wishes to song, Jeremy is still Jeremy and the boys Start breaking down MY BLOODY VALENTINE. 

ROBOCOP has a statue! Jeremy writes new intro music, and the gang breaks down the rest of EVENT HORIZON. 

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