Jeremy's at 80%, Ashley sees Jeremy's kill, and Erik becomes a heroin advocate. All this and "The Boys Next Door" this week. 

Jeremy is back from a stroke 2 weeks ago, he makes words. Ashley has a show, and the gang is joined by Migs Rodriguez from "Movies with Migs" to break down "Twins of Evil" 

Ashley steals a candle, Erik has a friend with a nice rack, and Jeremy looks through a fan's trash. All this to kick off Fansgiving with "Sleepy Hollow" . 

Erik's daughter thinks he can do better, Ashley has some new co workers, and Jeremy see's some violence at the Horror Con. All this and Ernest Scared Stupid. 

Erik throws his back out, Jeremy replaces a dishwasher, Ashley calls Erik a name. All this and the cult classic "Pumpkinhead" . 

October 17, 2022

Quality Time - 310 - MEN

Ashley gets has a fun picture, Erik messes up, and the gang breaks down 2022's... MEN. 

Cancer wins, Erik Loses, Jizz music and Sam Elliott's juicy knockers. All this and "The Blair Witch Project" ! 

Erik's daughter learns a curse word, Jeremy meets Clint Howard, and Ashley finds a man who loves Bots. All this and the movie "Nothing But Trouble.".  

The gang welcomes movie producer Brandon Lescure to the show, and tells them about his childhood bully. Ashley's smart car died, and Erik went to Orlando. All this and the movie breakdown of Dead Silence. 

Erik meets a guy on drugs, Ashley sits the dog, and Jeremy keeps a job. All that and the 1981 musical "Pennies From Heaven" .

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