Some good stories from Joe Robinson's wedding . "The Killer Clown meets the Candy Man" wins more awards. Erotic Fiction, and the boys break down 1989's Society . 

Eric Navarro joins the gang again. They play MFK will horror Icons. Jeremy Falls asleep, and Susie W makes an appearance. Good one. 

Looks like the boys are back together again, and joined by guest Eric Navarro as they break down Freddy Vs Jason. 

This week the gang is joined by musician Blake Silvea, Jeremy has some new music at about the hour mark, and the gang breaks down STREET TRASH. Enjoy. 

Jeremy and Erik have a heated discussion about his health. Jeremy has a fun story about his buddy John Link, and the boys finish the homoerotic breakdown of Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. 

Erik talks about how he almost ruined a wedding, and how his coworker's want to hook up with his sister. Jeremy goes to Chiller Theatre, and the boys break down Nightmare on Elm Street 2 : Freddy's Revenge. 

This week the boys are joined by comedian Tommy Sinbazo. There's a fun story about black Batman, and the gang breaks down Critters. 

The boys are back. Jeremy's health is failing, and the boys break down the rest of Silver Bullet. 

This week on Quality Time. Stories about Chris Restivo. Jeremy makes a Corey Haim and Gary Busey song, and the boys break down 1985's Silver Bullet. Enjoy

Bryan Preston is back to finish off Heat, fun story about being mistaken for a Samoan, Jeremy reluctantly finishes the episode. Enjoy. 

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