This week on Quality Time. Stories about Chris Restivo. Jeremy makes a Corey Haim and Gary Busey song, and the boys break down 1985's Silver Bullet. Enjoy

Bryan Preston is back to finish off Heat, fun story about being mistaken for a Samoan, Jeremy reluctantly finishes the episode. Enjoy. 

Jeremy and Erik go to New Jersey. Erik tells of Joe Robinson's Bachelor Party. Jeremy goes to a horror con and goes big time. There's also a "diss track" that Jeremy releases on Eminem, and stick around to the very end to hear a  Karaoke from a Star Trek TNG star that is sooo bad we had to save it for last. 

The gang is joined by comedian Bryan Preston. They talk famous small dicks. Leaving Neverland, and the gang breaks down 1995 classic HEAT. 

Mike Quindlen joins the boys once again to talk about Royal Farms, the Apocalypse, and finish off The Boondock Saints.  

The boys are joined by comedian Mike Quindlen, and talk Ellicott Silly Comedy festival, then breakdown the Boondock Saints. 

We learn about Jeremy's showering habits. Erik walks some people at Katsucon. The boys talk weed, and they break down the rest of Christine. Enjoy. 

Erik looks over Jeremy's new resume. The Die Laughing crew sells out Magooby's Joke House. Stories from Katsucon, and the boys break start to break down the 1983 masterpiece Christine. Enjoy. 

Jeremy got fired from his day job, but went to his movie premier in New Jersey. We talk all things Killer Clown in this episode with co-star Edward Young X. Enjoy. 

Chris Lawrence joins Erik once again this week. They discuss what its like being on the other side of 30, where Jeremy is, and finally break down Brainscan in its entirety. Enjoy. Share. 

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