Its part 2. there's stories at the beginning. You know the format. 

The boys have special Joe Robinson corrections with the man himself. Some Holiday stories, and the boys start to dissect The Reflecting Skin. 
Haven't seen this Classic? No worries Check it out free on YouTube.


The boys have a new rap song. Erik talks about a fun experience at Walmart, and the boys go off the rails finishing off Cobra. 

The boys talk surviving the holidays. Jeremy poops himself, Erik makes a song and the boys start to dismantle Cobra. 

Been a year and a half since we did one of these. Music from our last 70 some odd episodes, all right here. Strap in, below is a list of what episode they can be found on. 

104 - Docking with my son
100 - That's not dog
112- Fentanyl Song  
114 - He Died Hard
115 - Grandma's dying for Christmas 
165 - Jeremy's Christmas song 2019
121 - Poltergeist song
133 - Gary Busey
141 - Titular Line first appearance
150 - Fallen Denzel songs
154 - Psoriasis song
156 - Clowns in the Crawlspace
159 - How Many corpses
159 - Don't you like clowns
161 - Pallet jack driver
162 - Pallet jack 3
162 - Doctor Cox Boner Juice
162 - Twilight Love song
165 - Lice
164 - Camp Pedo
164 - Girls gotta peen
166 - Backyard Abortion
163 - Death Lines
163 - Commando Song
134 - Corey Haim

Thanks Everyone. 

Merry Christmas!!! 

There's some bonus tracks to... but I don't remember what episode... You'll figure it out i suppose. 

Erik shares a hell of a coffee story. The boys finish off Black Christmas... then delve into some other cult classics to finish off the episode. Merry Black Christmas Everyone. 

Erik went to Restivo's birthday, the show was sent a special Christmas Gift, and the boys breakdown 1974's BLACK CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Jeremy made a special song for friend of the show John Link. Erik tries to be nice, and the boys break down the Christmas Spectacular Santa's Slay! 

Our final Fansgiving episode this year, Fun stories about a brewery show Erik did, Jeremy has more Pallet stories, and the boys break down the cult classic Sleepaway Camp. 

November 18, 2019

Quality Time - 163 - Commando

Fansgiving moves on with this weeks pick from Merle. Erik tells about a show he did that had children there, the boys talk The Mandelorian and Doctor Sleep, and then break down the cinematic classic Commando.

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