Erik almost helps a hobo. Jeremy writes a song for another podcast that's pretty rad, and the gang breaks down the 2002 classic Bubba Ho-Tep. 

The gang is back. Tom is back. There's more music... and some extra stuff at the end. 

The gang welcomes Tom Myers to the show. Jeremy writes a special song about Tom (Can be heard in its entirty at end of the show. ) We talk about Tom's beefs with comedians across the fruited plains and the gang starts to break down "Not of this Earth" . Enjoy. 

December 28, 2020

Quality Time - 219 - The Other

Jeremy's on the mend, Ashley has an embarrassing moment at an online comedy show, and the gang breaks down The Other... a movie... you probably will never see.  

So this is Christmas, and a Merry one to you all. We get to hear some horrific stories of Woodworth family Christmas' from years gone. Other fun "Christmas" movies to check out, and Jeremy finishes off with a new song "Rudolf" . Thanks everyone... And Merry Christmas. 

Ashley loses something, Jeremy is MIA, and the gang breaks down DEMON KNIGHT. 

Jeremy hasn't killed a rat, Ashley gets honest, and the gang breaks down JACK FROST!!! 

Jeremy is filled with rage over a computer issue. Ashley gets VERY honest. Erik has a new song and the gang breaks down a gem from 2019 "The Lodge". OH and we play Jeremy's Song at the VERY END and its a strait banger. 

November 30, 2020

Quality Time - 215 - Body Melt

Jeremy has a rat update. A member gets covid, and the gang ends Fansgiving with the Australian gem "BODY MELT" . 

Old Ash talks about her weekend with Carlos Mencia, an update on Jeremy's house, and the gang breaks down The House of the Devil. 

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