The gang welcomes back Covid 19 vet Jeremy back to the show. Ashley tells us about the BOOGER WALL, and the gang break down Creepshow 2 with Migs Rodriguez. 

The gang welcomes Baltimore Horror Comedy director Chris LaMartina to talk about "The Fog". Jeremy is out sick, Erik tricks Tommy into a show, and Ashley is moving out. All this and more on this action packed extravaganza. 

An episode that even we were surprised we hadn't done yet. A banger of nonsense from beginning to end. Enjoy. 

Comedian, podcaster, and Die Laughing Productions own Rob Maher joins us on the program. Super fun episode, and we break down 1989's "The Burbs". 

This week we talk about Passover and the cult classic "THE STUFF". 

The gang welcomes comedian Megan Graves to break down Jennifer's Body. 

Ashley makes a big splash at a recent show. Erik almost gets kicked out of Jeremy's house, and the gang breaks down An American Werewolf in London. 

Big star energy as we welcome impressionist, entrepreneur , and clothing mogul Chris Restivo. Hear about his fallout with the Rob and Joe Show and how he's taking the strip club clothing line to the top, and the gang breaks down the 80's classic Blame it on Rio. 

The gang welcomes Steve Kostanski, director of "Psycho Goreman', for a quick interview about the film's March 16th release to Blu Ray. Jeremy and PG love Hunky Boys. Erik's weekly liver damage is now sponsored by Kirkland, and he drunk text's 98 Rocks Justin Schlegel. Ashley gets super honest and the gang pitch their idea for "Jaws in the Hood" while breaking down the St. Patty's day gem "Leprechaun in the Hood" . 

The gang welcomes comedian Sarah Roche, and the gang breaks down Wes Cravens "The Serpent and the Rainbow". 

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