Erik's losing his mind, Ashley clears a school, and Jeremy shows his penis. All this and REDNECK ZOMBIES on Quality Time. 

November 22, 2021

Quality Time - 265 - Splice

Erik gets heckled after a show and gets hit on, Jeremy turns 50, and Ashley writes a suicide note. All this and the 2009 cult hit "SPLICE". Enjoy  

Jeremy is standard creepy, Ashley is drinking a new soda, Erik gives a review of "Antlers" and the gang breaks down "THE FIFTH ELEMENT". 

Ashley's parents miss a show, Jeremy has some sad news, and Erik has the song Karate Man! All this and more as the gang breaks down 1987's "Killing Spree" for Fansgiving. 

Ashley goes to the hood, Erik bombs the boomers, and Jeremy sees clown discrimination first hand, and the gang breaks down the 1987 gem "THE HIDDEN" . 

Jeremy has a small problem, Erik finds a rat, and Ashley steals the show. All this and the 1998 banger "The Faculty" . 

Ashley and Erik recap stories from the Ellicott Silly comedy festival. Jeremy gives an update on friend of the show John Link, and the gang breaks down 1975's Trilogy of Terror . Enjoy. 

Erik tells about a co worker, Jeremy has a song about life, and Ashley does all the work and crushes it while the gang breaks down DEAD ALIVE!! 

Jeremy has a song about Child care, and the gang welcomes comedian Mike Quindlen to talk about Child's Play. 

September 27, 2021

Quality Time - 257 -Cat‘s Eye

Jeremy goes to Monster Mania, Erik sees a sweet movie, and Ashley once again gets honest. All this and a break down of the 1985 classic "Cat's Eye" . ! 

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