Dave Draper joins the boys again and tells a chilling story from the theater of war, Erik gets a headliner mad and the boys break down the rest of Night of the Demons. 

The boys are joined by the Graveyard Goonz own Dave Draper, Erik goes to see Rancid and see's a Karen in the wild, and the boys breakdown Night of the Demons. 

The boys welcome returning guest Chris Lawrence who talks about his trip to the hospital. The boys talk a little about Shane Gillis getting booted from SNL, and they break down the cinematic masterpiece that is Killer Klowns from Outer space... Which you can also watch the movie FREE on youtube. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq6h0hr82Zw 

Jeremy has a fun song. Erik gives some stories from the roast of Wendi Townsend, and the boys finish off Dawn of the Dead. 

Erik gets kicked of a Hotel, and makes it on 98 Rock. Jeremy has a song about a family memeber, and the boys break down 1978 Classic Dawn of the Dead. 

Eric Jolicoeur joins the boys again to finish off this BLOODSPORT. 

Its Kumite time as the boys welcome Eric Jolicoeur from Big Timing Comedy. Some fun stories, and they break down Bloodsport. 

Blake Silvia joins the boys again to break down Fallen. 

Jeremy's reaching new lows. Erik gets banned, and the boys welcome back Blake Silvia as they break down Fallen. 

he boys are back again. Erik ruins some lady's night. Jeremy gets naked in a ball pit, and meets Jon Lovitz. And the boys finish off "The Hitcher".

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