Jeremy can't work his zoom background, Erik has a fun game of mini golf and the gang breaks down 1985's "LIFEFORCE". 

Ashley goes off on someone who ruins a movie, Jeremy debuts a new song, The meaning of CHUD, and Erik recaps an altercation at a comedy club. Then the gang breaks down "C.H.U.D." 

Erik makes a gallon of something, Ashley shares an accident she had at church, and Jeremy plays us a song we missed last week. Then the gang breaks down 2014's "It Follows". 

Former comdiean turned contractor Dave Edwin joins the gang to break down 2016's DON'T BREATHE! enjoy. There's also stories from Ashley and new music by Jeremy. 

Jeremy is alive. Ashley had shows, and Erik Wrestles. After that the gang breaks down 2002's "Eight Legged Freaks" . 

The gang welcomes back Covid 19 vet Jeremy back to the show. Ashley tells us about the BOOGER WALL, and the gang break down Creepshow 2 with Migs Rodriguez. 

The gang welcomes Baltimore Horror Comedy director Chris LaMartina to talk about "The Fog". Jeremy is out sick, Erik tricks Tommy into a show, and Ashley is moving out. All this and more on this action packed extravaganza. 

An episode that even we were surprised we hadn't done yet. A banger of nonsense from beginning to end. Enjoy. 

Comedian, podcaster, and Die Laughing Productions own Rob Maher joins us on the program. Super fun episode, and we break down 1989's "The Burbs". 

This week we talk about Passover and the cult classic "THE STUFF". 

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