Erik's daughter learns a curse word, Jeremy meets Clint Howard, and Ashley finds a man who loves Bots. All this and the movie "Nothing But Trouble.".  

The gang welcomes movie producer Brandon Lescure to the show, and tells them about his childhood bully. Ashley's smart car died, and Erik went to Orlando. All this and the movie breakdown of Dead Silence. 

Erik meets a guy on drugs, Ashley sits the dog, and Jeremy keeps a job. All that and the 1981 musical "Pennies From Heaven" .

We're back. Ashley almost gets censored, a big week for Jeremy ahead, and Erik buys some merch. All this and 2013's EVIL DEAD. 

Erik reveals secrets from his past and people he's gaslit, Jeremy finds a fancy pillow, and Ashley is filing for the rights for today's movie "Butt Boy"!. 

Ashley makes a new friend, Jeremy becomes temporary, and Erik takes up dancing. All this and the fever dream that is "BEYOND THE DOOR" on this weeks episode of Quality Time. 

The gang has a special guest, Director of the very movie we're talking about Adam Rifkin !!! Ashley wins a debate, and Jeremy runs into a hater. All this and the cult classic "The Dark Backward" 


Also listeners you can watch the Dark Backward on Tubi currently, but tweet @sonypictures and tell them we need a 4K restoration of The Dark Backward for collectors!!! Thanks . 

Dawgs, Guinea pigs and pets OH MY, and the Movie Frankenhooker.  

Another landmark reached, Ashley falls down, Erik kills momentum, and Jeremy ruins a song. All this and "Any Way You Want It" by Jeremy. on this weeks Episode. 

Erik gets burned, Ashley stops at Sheetz, and Jeremy writes a little song for Justin Schlegel. All this and the 1994 classic "In The Mouth Of Madness". 

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