he boys are back again. Erik ruins some lady's night. Jeremy gets naked in a ball pit, and meets Jon Lovitz. And the boys finish off "The Hitcher".

The boys are joined by guest Dan Crabb. Tales from Anime conventions, Jeremy makes Music for 98 Rock, and the boys break down The Hitcher. 

Well, our guest cancelled... So we did this. Enjoy The Bat-Music episode. 

Boys are back again. They talk Jeremy's final plans. Doing heroin when you hit 70, and break down part two of the Bicyle Man. 

This ones not for the faint at heart as the boys break down a very disturbing episode of Diff'rent Strokes. 

The boys are back again. More baby eater talk. More stories from Mexico, and the rest of Terminator 2 Judgment Day. 

Judgment Day is upon us. The boys give the scoop on "Baby Eater", and start the breakdown of T2. 

The boys are back. More tales from Mexico, orange crushes, and Jeremy's last day of work. What movie does Jeremy like to sync up with Dark Side of the Moon? The Woodworth's finish off Society!. 

Some good stories from Joe Robinson's wedding . "The Killer Clown meets the Candy Man" wins more awards. Erotic Fiction, and the boys break down 1989's Society . 

Eric Navarro joins the gang again. They play MFK will horror Icons. Jeremy Falls asleep, and Susie W makes an appearance. Good one. 

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